Bison Harvesting and Processing Charges

Here are our charges for bison harvesting and processing.

Standard Harvest   $125


We will gladly hold your order for one week after notification. After that time, you will begin accruing weekly storage fees. Orders not picked up within the first 7 days will be charged the following: 1/4 Bison =$25.00, 1/2 Bison =$35.00, Whole Bison = $50.00. The storage fee will be charged each week after the first initial week. If you are unable to pick up within the first 7 days, please contact us so we can work with you.

Processing Charges

Processing Rates Per Pound, hanging weight basis.
Vac Pack
Standard Cutting (whole or half) -- $0.90
Quarters, specialty or Boneless on HCW--$0.95
Value Added Cut Option on HCW--$1.00
Patties ( per lb. finished weight)-- $0.75


We accept cash, debit cards or checks. Payment is due at pickup.