butchering meat for a producer

Our Process

Innovative Foods offers producers vacuum sealing and labeling  of your meat. Further processing, such as smoking or curing, is always available. We offer Maple Sugar Cure or Hickory Smoke. For a regular pork cure, we follow  industry standards for adding nitrites to cure the meat. Hams are smoked whole hock-on,  which can be left whole or cut into smaller roasts and steaks.

Our trained and experienced processing crew custom cuts your private label items, as well as meat for home use and restaurant service. And our on-site USDA inspector makes daily rounds of the plant to ensure we meet all cleanliness and safety standardss.

Harvest Options

We offer USDA inspected harvest. During peak season, we recommend you call as early as possible, as it may take as long as three months to get your animal properly scheduled. Due to USDA rules, we must harvest all livestock that we process in our plant.

Customized Orders & Labels

Selling  your processed meat  by the piece at outlets like a farmer’s market or a farm store?  We offer a number of labeling options. We offer our own Innovative Foods labels, identifying the product as having been processed at a USDA inspected facility. We also offer  a simpler "Thank You” label with your farm name, the identity and weight of the cut, and the USDA stamp. We are not mentioned as the processor. You can also provide us with  your own custom labels.

Pricing your Product

At your request, and if you provide us with a list of the various cuts and their price per pound, we will include that information, plus the final cost, on each label. This time-saving step allows you to bring your product directly to market.

USDA Inspected

A USDA inspector is on site daily to monitor all harvest and process procedures.

Once packaged, your product label will bear a USDA stamp (also known as a legend.) This allows you greater selling options, as the meat may be sold in portions or by the piece. You will be able to sell the meat at farmers markets, restaurants, or on-line. Donating the animals to food pantries or using the meat for public events is also permitted.

Pricing Your Animal

The costs of raising the animal, current market prices, Innovative Foods’ current prices, your end clientele, and the product itself will all have an influence on price.