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Pork Harvesting and Processing 

Typical harvest days for pigs are Monday and Tuesday; because pork is not aged, it is cut relatively quickly. The items that take the most time to process are hams and bacons, due to the curing and smoking process.

Please have your cutting instructions to us within 24 hours of harvest. 

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diagram of pork cuts

Cutting Instructions

Cutting instructions are needed within 24 hours of drop off for hogs. If we do not receive your cutting instructions by this time, a standard cut will apply. Click Here to fill out our cutting instruction form.


We will gladly hold your order for one week after notification. After that time, we will assess a storage charge of $1.00 per box per week.


Forms of payment accepted on processing are debit cards, checks or cash.

Harvest - Hogs

Standard Harvest -- $50.00
Harvest Only -- $75.00

Harvest --Roaster Hogs

Tied Roasters/Scalded -- $110.00
Scalded --$110.00

Processing Charges

Processing Rates Per Pound, hanging weight basis.
Standard Cutting on HCW --$0.75
Specialty or Boneless -- $0.80

Per Lb. Finished Weight
Stuffing/Links (32-35mm Hog Casings) -- $1.65
Stuffing/Links (24-28mm Lamb Casings) -- $2.00
Breakfast Patties -- $2.00
Curing/Smoking (Hams, Bacons, Loins, etc.) --$1.15
Peppered Bacon -- $1.25
Seasoning (per pound)-- $0.40
Seasonings - Cheddar or Jalapeno/Cheddar (per pound) -- $1.20
All seasonings are preservative (except salt) and MSG Free.

Processing Guides

For your convenience, we have developed a series of processing guides. You have several options for completing your order. Please choose one:

1.Fill out our online form here.
2. Call in your order to 970-330-8400;
3. Download our PDF processing order form here.
We are proud to have Northern Colorado's most experienced processing crew, using the latest technology to offer our customers the best cutting and packaging around. In addition to daily federal inspections, our years of experience cutting and packaging ensures you get your meat processed your way.

If you are interested in selling your own meat, please visit our producer’s page to learn more.