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    We are an Evans, Colorado custom meat processing plant and meat shop, specializing in beef, lamb, and pork.

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    Seasonings and sauces available for purchase, too!

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Chuck, ground beef, arm/pot, rib, brisket, short rib, stew meat, loin, rump roast, sirloin, sirloin tip, round, flank, and soup bones available! We specialize in Meat packing and custom processing.


Shoulder chops and roast, loin chops and roast, rib rack and rib chops, legs - bone-in, boneless, shanks, riblets, stew meat, and sausage cuts available!


Loin pork chops and roast, shoulder pork steak, country style ribs, and pork roast, bacon, ham, spare ribs, and Sausage available! We provide private meat labeling and custom meat processing.

Innovative Foods
Quality Meat in Evans, Colorado

Innovative Foods is a USDA Inspected custom processing plant and retail meat shop. We are committed to being the best in the business. Our staff treats every order as if it were their own. Let us be your butcher for all of your speciality meat needs.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect cut for your weekend barbecue or you want to splurge for a dinner party, get quality meat from Evans, CO’s premier meat market, Innovative Foods. Our staff is knowledgeable about cuts of meat, best uses and ways to cook for optimum taste. Stop by and view our selection of speciality meats and take something great home for dinner today!

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